Barrier Reef manufactures the most desirable fiberglass pools Jacksonville Florida which is displayed by the demand consumers are ordering through the plant

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools Jacksonville FL

Serving the Entire Northeast Florida

Owning a Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pool and living in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville beach, Callahan, Orange Park, Middleburg, Fleming Island, Fernandina Beach, Baldwin and Yulee Florida you will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Being a fiberglass pool owner you will soon realize that you have just entered into a new lifestyle that can be dream like. Enjoyment of life will be at your fingertips by just going outside your door. Additionally your pool will become a special place that creates memories for your family and loved ones. Plus you can add in the exercise and relaxation that it will provide for decades to come.

Premium Quality

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools of Jacksonville Florida provides the top design, finishes and features available in all fiberglass pool industry. Their preeminent quality of construction and premium materials make their pools unmatched by any other manufacturer today.

Frankly to be the best fiberglass pool found in the world it must start with a rock solid mold to build from. Barrier Reef pools are hand built by craftsmen that are uniquely skilled and only use the best material available to the industry.

Beautiful Colors

Barrier Reefs colors on the fiberglass pools shimmer in the sun light presenting a sparkling finish with a dramatic and stunning look that will be the envy of all. The shimmer presents a spectacular shift of color as the light changes as the day progresses. This amazing finish is standard on all of Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools.

Each one of our seven stunning colors provide you with the ultimate in luxury and leisure right outside your back door. Pools built by Barrier Reef are simply the best!

Dramatic Designs

Our dramatic designs provide modern styles and lifestyle components such as party seating that wraps the pool, integrated stairs, and tanning ledges accommodate any design flavor and taste that homeowners have.

Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools have been designing for more than 25 years the most attractive and functional fiberglass pools available anywhere. Their premium quality of pool comes in the over 12 models with different sizes to choose the perfect pool for you landscape.

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