FAQ Fiberglass Pools Jacksonville FL

You will find that there are many benefits to buying a Barrier Reef inground fiberglass swimming pools in Jacksonville FL.

Will My Fiberglass Pool Ever Discolor?

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pool will with stand up to the test of time. Barrier Reef fiberglass pools surface is UV resistant and require remarkably less maintenance than a concrete or gunite pool. A Barrier Reef fiberglass pool should be maintained as per the warranty specifications to ensure its longevity.

Will My Fiberglass Pool Ever Crack?

Barrier Reef fiberglass pools in Jacksonville Florida are constructed as one piece, one hundred percent fiberglass swimming pool shell, which means it will flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.

Can I Empty My Fiberglass Swimming Pool When I Want To?

A Barrier Reef, and others, fiberglass swimming pool should never be emptied. If there is a situation that requires the fiberglass pool to be emptied, for warranty reasons you should first consult the installer (Barrier Reef Agent) to advise on the situation.

Will My Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool Ever Lift Up Out of the Ground?

The short answer is no your Barrier Reef fiberglass pool lift out of the ground. The long answer all swimming pools have to potential to pop or float if the water in the ground surrounding the pool is higher than the water level inside of the pool. However fiberglass ppols installed properly will have a ring of concrete, called a bond ring, that maintains the pool shape plus prevents it from floating up out of the ground. So, yes, it is possible for it to happen, but to the same extent that all other pool types would have also lifted out of the ground. This myth has been thoroughly debunked, and only requires a page or two of web search results to quiet any naysayers.

How Long Will My Barrier Reef Fiberglass Inground Pool Last?

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools come with a lifetime structural warranty. The gelcoat finish warranty is 15 years but in actuality it will keep its superior finish for many decades. Please refer to warranty structure for full reference. Barrier Reef fiberglass pools have been in the market place, in Australia where the UV light is much more intense, for over 30 years and show no signs of deterioration so we can safely say a lifetime.

What Styles of Fiberglass Pools are Available From Barrier Reef Pools?

Barrier Reef fiberglass pools boasts one of the largest and most modern range styles in the fiberglass pool industry. Consisting of twenty four styles, plus a large range of spas and tanning ledges to complement our pools and additionally with 7 modern shimmer colors.

Is My Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool Surface Abrasive Like Concrete Pools?

Barrier Reef fibreglass swimming pools are smooth and safe. Unlike other materials, concrete and gunite, fiberglass is not abrasive and there are no sharp or dangerous edges.

Can My Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pool Have Saltwater?

Yes fiberglass is totally compatible with saltwater. In fact if you choose a saltwater system you will find that the cost of chemicals to maintain water chemistry is miniscule. And the savings generated from decreased chemical use will more than pay for the saltwater chrlorine generator within a couple of years.

Do Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools Stain at any Time?

The gel coat finish enables the pools to be a stain resistant smooth surface which cleans easily and requires less chemicals, saving you money.