Concrete Gunite Swimming Pools Jacksonville FL

Gunite, also known as concrete, swimming pools only offers one positive aspect of ownership. This unique advantage is not really unique, custom shape and size, to the typical swimming pool owner that is not independently wealthy. I was informed once that there is two absolutes with concrete; if someone tries to steal it you will know it and all concrete eventually cracks even in swimming pools.

Gunite swimming pools fleming island florida have a severe problem with green algae growth because the sanitizers cannot reach the pours in the surface

Maintenance Issues

Concrete, or called gunite, swimming pools in Jacksonville FL require a plaster compound as its finish to provide the color you desire. However, because water is a corrosive liquid there are inherent problems that exist. The finish is very much like the plaster found in older homes in which the surface is very rough. This is due to sand being added as an aggregate. Because of this the plaster in swimming pools is porous, it provides areas where the sanitizer used by the pool is not able reach and thus algae is prone to grow. Once algae are growing in a gunite swimming pool it is extremely difficult to remove short of draining the pool and reapplying the plaster.

Plaster also has another issue with being used in a swimming pool, the water over time dissolves it. Thus a concrete pool will need the plaster to be reapplied every seven to ten years. Additionally, because the plaster is dissolving it has an adverse effect on water chemistry which increases your cost for chemicals to combat this problem. Also because of the water chemistry problem the use of a saltwater chlorinator is not recommended.

A Barrier Reef fiberglass pool comes with a smooth gelcoat surface that provides its color and will not require reapplying even in several decades. Because the finish is smooth algae growth on the walls and floor is virtually impossible.

Since the basis of gunite swimming pools jacksonville florida is concrete the periodic rain storms delay the installation and weaken the surface and walls

Install Issues

Installation of a gunite and concrete swimming pool are never completed when your contractor assures you they will be finished. The reason is that of all the types of swimming pools rain delays always occur and gunite and concrete pools are affected the most. As far as installation of a gunite and concrete swimming pool in the desert regions of the US there is also heat delays. High temperatures can cause the gunite to dry to quickly which weakens it and the problems that result do not become evident until long after the warranty period is over.

Another issue with the installation, is that you can see in the image above, is what your landscape will look like virtually the entire time it takes to install the gunite pool. This is because of all the heavy machinery used need wide areas to haul the raw materials involved. On the contrary the installation of a fiberglass pool the machinery involved rarely is needed beyond the first week which is how fast the installation can be accomplished.

Obviously there is a large amount of issues involved in the installation of a gunite and concrete swimming pool. But there is only one more that needs to be illustrated. It is the endless parade of subcontractors that are needed to accomplish the installation over the average time, three months, that a gunite and concrete swimming pool needs for the install.

Gunite swimming pools Orange Beach cause feet abrasians because of the rough plaster surface used to provide color and water proof the walls

Feet Wear and Tear

Feet wear and tear is a major issue as well with gunite and concrete swimming pools. This is due to the plaster that is used to coat the surface giving the pool its color and design.

A homeowner purchased a gunite swimming pool only to have it removed seven years later. That is when they purchased a fiberglass pool. They listed two reasons why they did so. One summer their children had a pool party for the entire soccer team they were on. As it worked out only seventy-five percent attended. Children are rather active in a pool when there is a large group. This is due to the games they play. As the party continued some of the children started complaining about their feet and a short time later all were complaining. On observation the children’s soles of their feet were quite ragged and some were actually bleeding. This was due to the rough surface of the pool. The next day the team had a match but they ended up forfeiting it and the match the very next weekend as well.

The other reason the homeowner gave was that the second year they had the gunite pool the walls turned green. After spending a considerable amount of money over the course of four years trying to make the green algae go away they were not successful. Then as a last resort they had the plaster removed and then new plaster installed. The very next summer the walls were green again.