Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools Jacksonville FL
Manufacture Process

Owning a fiberglass inground swimming pool by Barrier Reef of Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley, Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville beach, Callahan, Orange Park, Middleburg, and Fleming Island Florida is truly an amazing experience and as time goes by it becomes more than just a pool, it is about living a lifestyle that seems to be a dream. Enjoying life will be at your fingertips just outside your door. Additionally a special place that creates memories for your family and loved ones in addition to the exercise and relaxation that it will provide.

(1) Mold Preparation

The mold is thoroughly cleaned to remove and foriegn matter. This will ensure the fiberglass mold is in perfect condition before pools manufacturing process begins. Additionally all the pool fittings are placed and recorded in the fiberglass swimming pool build sheet.

Build sheets are used to ensure the fiberglass pool meets the standards for a proper build

(2) Gelcoat Application

Gelcoat is then applied to the mold in three passes of gelcoat is sprayed, waiting briefly between each pass, to achieve the proper thickness required on the build sheet. The gelcoat application has to meet the stringent quality control criteria by Construction Management before moving on to the next stage.

(3) Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin Application

Then the Vinyl Ester Resin is applied to the gelcoated mold to ensure the fiberglass pools waterproof ability. The thickness of the Ester Resin is measured to ensure it meets the thickness required on the build sheet. The Ester Resin is then left to cure on the fiberglass pool before its thickness is measured to ensure it meets the build sheet standards. Then the fiberglass pool moves on to the last stage in the manufacturing process.

(4) Fiberglass Relamination

The last step in the build process is when the fiberglass is applied and the first laminate is called a skin. After the skin lamenant has been completed the builders start applying the reinforcing laminate using Klegcell PVC closed cell foam as part of the application. The foam modules are laminated into the pool walls which greatly increases the strength of the pool.

Lifting lugs are then applied to the pools coping so that the pools are easily moved by a crane onto the transport that delivers the pool to your home

During the Reo Stage the last layer is applied to blanket the pool which provides a final laminate of reinforcing.

The pool build process has now been completed and the build sheet is reviewed to ensure a complete build is complete. We at Barrier Reef Pools are wholely committed at achieving a very high standard of fiberglass swimming pool build. Barrier Reef has on file a corresponding build sheet for each pool sold. The manufacturer build sheet to ensure that the correct amount of quality materials has been used in every pool. Barrier Reef holds to a high priority to research and development, of our fiberglass pools, in conjunction with our suppliers. This ensures that our products are always modern, unique, and exceptionally strong.