Outback Style Swimming Fiberglass Pools Fleming Island FL

Outback Lounger New For 2016

  Length Width Shallow Deep
Outback 30 Lounger 30' 11' 3" 4' 3" Flat 4' 3" Flat

The Outback Lounger thirty five feet in length is named so because of the large amount of seating in conjunction with a flat bottom makes it the perfect party slash entertaining focal point of an evening in Milton and Fleming Island Florida.

  Length Width Shallow Deep
Outback 30 30' 11' 3" 3' 6" 5' 3"
Outback 23 23' 11' 3" 3' 6" 5'

Our conventional style Outback fiberglass inground pool is your traditional rectrangular shape that incorporates the entry stairs in with the generous amount of seating. As with all Barrier Reef pools the Outback style makes entertaining while lounging in the water as one of its primary focal points.