Why Buy a Barrier Reef Fiberglass Pools Jacksonville FL

There are to many benefits to buying a fiberglass inground swimming pool to list here these are the top 10.

Install in as Quick as a Splash

Your Barrier Reef inground fiberglass swimming pool can be quickly installed in as little as a week. While a a vinyl liner swimming pool and a concrete, or called a gunite swimming pool may take as long as three months because of weather and other factors. And with the recent weather pattern in Texas it could be longer. Weather conditions in Texas usually will not hold up a fiberglass pool installation. But as we have seen in recent times you could be waiting on a concrete pool for months. Our fiberglass pool shell arrives at your home as one piece, pre-formed, and weatherproof and ready to go which is not the case for concrete.

Our Supreme Finish

Our impervious pigmented finish, called gelcoat, is applied during manufacturing process. So there is no need spend time and money on plastering and tiling which is mandantory with a concrete gunite swimming pool every seven to ten years.

Maintenance Free

Under normal conditions, the finish, gelcoat, never needs refinishing. The finish smooth impervious surface cleans effortlessly, retards stains and requires considerably less chemical saving you money plus it gives you more time in the day to enjoy your swimming pool. On the other hand concrete gunite swimming pools require the plaster removed and then reinstalled every seven to ten years and the same is true on a vinyl liner swimming pools where the liner requires a new one installed every seven to ten years as well.

Smooth and Safe

Completely different from other materials, the finish on our fiberglass swimming pools are non abrasive. If you have ever used a concrete gunite swimming pool you will remember the pool surface removing skin like sandpaper. There are no dangerous edges or abrasive surfaces that remove the skin off your fingers and toes. Anti-skid surfaces on the stairs and the pool floor are incorporated in the manufacturing process which helps keep you and your family safe.

Add a Little Salt

Salt water pools are the premier choice for fiberglass swimming pools because they are healthier and feel natural to your skin. Fiberglass inground swimming pools are completely compatible to salt water systems that provide alternatives to chlorination.

You Get What You See

When you select the pool you want installed at your home from our display center and what you see in our brochures will be the exactly the same that will arrive at your home. We use highly engineered molds in the manufacturing process in our climate controlled factory to ensure there is no hit or miss guesswork. This happens primarily because Barrier Reef pools are manufactured in climate controlled building.

Flexing its Muscles

Barrier Reef fiberglass pools are fully moulded one piece so that the fiberglass swimming pool shell will flex without cracking as it accommodates earth movement. On the contrary concrete and other pre formed swimming pools that contain mineral fillers reduce their flexibility and crack rather easily.

Looking Good

Barrier Reef fiberglass swimming pools have a fantastic range of new colors, shapes, sizes and designs which will fulfill your artistic design of your landscape.

Have Fun

Now that you have the perfect tropical resort right out your door the only thing left to do is have fun.